We are only 2 days away from The Marvels hitting the screen and I’m guessing most Outposters are excited for this film, but not for the reasons Disney and Marvel think.

As reported yesterday, Marvel is quietly panicking and is still releasing trailers this close to deadline day! Well, panic no longer Marvel because early reactions are in, and as expected it’s another responding success for the MCU… or so a certain type of people will tell you.

The shills are all singing from the hymn sheet using all the same descriptive words such as: “Goofy”, “Wacky”, “A delight”, “Chemistry”, “A blast”, and the old classic – “The most fun I’ve had since (insert last Marvel movie)”. Have a look at a selection of comments, the last one is gold. I thought it was a parody account but alas!


Marvels Reaction


Now Outposters, before you decide to take a day off work, and rush to the cinema on Friday to sit down and watch what sounds like the greatest movie since The Godfather, here are the profile pictures of some of the people claiming that The Marvels “is so much fun”. Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.


Marvels Wankers


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