Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has said she would “happily” go to prison over her views that Transgender women are actually men. But before we go into this, I need to explain the background for my foreign chums on why she said this and what’s happening here in the UK.


The Boring Politics Bit

Like the US (where I presume a vast majority of you Outposters currently reside), we here in the UK have a pretty stagnant two-party political system. Yes, there is more than one party, but it’s Conservatives (Republicans) and Labour (Democrats) that run the shit show that was once this glorious nation.

One party gets into power, does well for a few years but then proceeds to run the country into the ground for several years after the honeymoon period is over. The people get disillusioned and vote for the other party. They gain power, clean up the mess from its previous occupants, and do a good job for a few years before proceeding to run the country into the ground. The people get disillusioned, vote for the other party again, blahdy blahdy, blah, rinse, and repeat for another few hundred years.

Anyway, this is where we currently are in the UK and it’s inevitable that the Labour Party (Democrats) is about to regain power for the first time in what will be 14 years by the time of next year’s general election. And like their American equivalent, they are more interested in virtue signalling than actually doing anything the benefit the country. One of the things at the top of their list is to imprison people for up to two years for the heinous act of… deliberately misgendering someone.




Harry Potter And The Dystopian Present

As we all know, JK Rowling has a storied history of speaking out against trans “women” and even had the ludicrous notion that only real women menstruate! For this, she is now labeled a “transphobe” and the usual suspects have had their fee-fees hurty-wurty at this biological fact.

To be fair to them, they have taken it well and been faithful to their mantra of ‘love and tolerance’ by sending Rowling death threats, turning up at her house to intimidate her, and in a page from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, all participate in the daily two-minute hate.

Well, Rowling recently replied to a photo on X from a magazine called Dazed, which projected the statement, “Repeat after us: Trans Women are Women,” onto the offices of the British Ministry of Justice Lies. “No” she captioned the photo.

Rowling No


This received an influx of replies, most notably from a dude called Scott Spalding who mentioned the Labour Party’s planned law and imprisonment of those who still believe that two plus two make four and refuse to be forced to participate in a mentally ill man’s make-believe. Rowling stated that she would happily do a two-year stretch rather than be forced to deny reality.


Rowling Reality


Standing Firm

JK Rowling seems to be taking it in her stride though and refusing to back down. Ironically the woman who created the entire Harry Potter universe has been cancelled by the people who profit from it. In 2022 when Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts debuted on HBO Max, Rowling wasn’t asked to participate because of her past anti-trans comments. The reunion special instead used archival footage of interviews with the author, with an on-screen note that said they were filmed years earlier.

In August this year, The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) in Seattle took out all references to her from its exhibition Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic, after ONE employee referred to her views on gender identity as “hateful”.

And as recently as last month London Comic Con canceled its planned Harry Potter And The Cursed Child panel because the LGBTQP mafia kicked up a stink over Rowling’s biological facts and one of the events sponsors stamped their feet and threatened to withdraw funds.

Rowling continues to have the last laugh though. Sales of Howgwarts Legacy had accumulated a total of 15 million copies sold worldwide and crossed $1 billion in total revenue as of May 2023. Obviously, talk of boycotting the game by the 0.4% of the world’s population fell flatter than Elliot Page’s manly chest.

Add to that a new Harry Potter TV series is in the works, which just shows that the Potterverse stands just as strong as ever and will only help continue to add to Rowling’s £820 million. Oof, that’s got a feel like a right kick in the nuts… well it would if the trans “woman” hadn’t cut them off!


Rowling Money



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