Bonjour Outposters. It’s VS time and with the sad news that Matthew Perry died suddenly last night, I thought I’d give you the battle of the Friends – Monica vs Rachel. Not to be confused with Cox vs Aniston and certainly not the 2023 version of these ladies who for some insane reason decided to have plastic surgery and Botox. No, this is prime Monica vs prime Rachel.

I know some of you may have a thing for Phoebe but unfortunately for Kudrow, it was these two that really captured our lurid imaginations back in the 90s/00s. A few things to note before you head off to the Tale Of The Tape. The ages are based on 1994 when Friends first aired. I understand that this year was maybe not the year these two were in their prime, but hey, I have to at least attempt to keep some kind of consistency.

Also, the body measurements are fairly recent. Sadly, some people are selfish and haven’t bothered making a website that tells me the dimensions of the girls from 20 years ago. However, I think you’ll admit, they are still mightily impressive. And lastly, the net worth is clearly Cox’s and Anniston’s. No way would Monica and Rachel be worth this much. Mind you, Chandler was famous for saving his money, so maybe Monica has just cashed in on his life insurance? Too soon, it was too soon. Let’s get to it.


Friend Tale Of The Tape


The Big Question

So let’s settle this one and for all. You’re at Central Perk and Monica and Rachel both walk in and ask to accompany you on the famous sofa to drink their overpriced lattes. You’re hitting it off just fine and suddenly Gunther ramps up the air conditioning and it’s suddenly nipple o’clock and the girls are moaning they are cold and need warming up. Which of these Friends will you tell that you’ll be there for them? Make your case in the comments below and feel free to add pictures to back up your argument.


Friends Nipples

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