Top 10 Movies Of The 90s

Hi Outposters, hopefully you have all got your breath back from the Top 10 movies of the 80s yesterday. Now it is time for the Top 10 movies of the 90s. The 90s are, for some reason, a moment in cinematic history that is massively underappreciated. Maybe it’s because the 80s were so shit hot?

Anyway, I love the 90s, and I believe it was the last great decade the world experienced. Here in the UK in particular, drugs like LSD and Cannabis were back with a vengeance, and we were introduced to E’s that went hand in hand with illegal raves.  Our already existing beer culture went into overdrive, and the women were so fucking sexy it’s amazing everyone didn’t catch AIDS.

The boxing world experienced the best Heavyweight boxing division since the early 70s, and the music we had was far superior to what the old farts had in the 60s. I fucking loved everything about the 90s and I won’t have a bad word said about it!  So without further ado, here are my Top 10 90s movies!

1990 – Goodfellas

Bang, straight off with an absolute masterpiece and for me Martin Scorcese’s best-ever movie. A killer soundtrack, great performances by every single cast member, and an editing style that is still being replicated today. How this movie only won a single Oscar (Pesci for Best Supporting Actor) is a disgrace.



1991 – The Silence Of The Lambs

Wallop! Another stone-cold classic the likes of which I don’t think we had ever seen before. I honestly don’t recall seeing a movie that made me feel so anxious from start to finish as I do The Silence Of The Lambs. This movie was purely psychological and the complete opposite of the jump scares and slasher/horror movies from the late 70s and 80s.

Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins knocked it out of the park in this movie and it walked away with the big five Oscars that year. Just writing this makes me stop what I’m doing, put in the Blu-ray, and rub the lotion on my skin.



1992 – Bram Stoker’s Dracula

I’ll be honest, when I first saw this movie I thought it was up its own arse and too weird for my tastes. Give me some slack, I was just an 18-year-old at the time and probably more interested in getting my end away than being at the cinema. However, a couple of years later I decided to give it another shot and was blown away by the film and my own ignorance!

This film is astonishingly good and quite possibly Oldman’s best-ever performance. Ironically, I found Hopkins, who the previous year as Hannibal, managed to make me feel extremely uncomfortable with just a mere look from the screen, to be a little hammy in this. Regardless, it’s a damn fine piece of work.



1993 – Jurassic Park

Carlito’s Way, The Fugitive, Demolition Man, Falling Down, True Romance, Tombstone, and Groundhog Day were some of the big names that all released the same year (my goodness were we spoiled big in the day), but it’s Jurassic Park and the first proper use of CGI that blew my mind. That T-Rex scene alone is worth the ticket money. It’s shocking how CGI has actually regressed in the 30 years since.

Jurassic Park Poster


1994 – Interview With The Vampire

I know, I know, why the fuck isn’t The Shawshank Redemption my choice?! The answer is simple – no, I’m not gay, it’s because Interview With The Vampire is one of my top 10 favourite films of all time. Hell, this movie even has Superman in it, it’s the complete package! The only negative I have is Guns n Roses’ absolute desecration of my favourite song of all time – Sympathy For The Devil.

Interview Poster


1995 – Seven

What’s in the box?! For me, Seven took the dark and disturbing psychological reality of The Silence Of The Lambs and injected it with steroids to give us a movie set in a world so riddled with depravity and filth, that by the end you actually feel the actions of John Doe are indeed righteous. OK, with the exception of decapitating Paltrow… perhaps?



1996 – Trainspotting

Did I mention the world in which Seven was set being riddled with filth and depravity – let me introduce you to 90’s Scotland! Only kidding you skirt-wearing gingers, Scotland is a great country with a proud history, just look at Highlander or Braveheart for examples.

When Danny Boyle’s classic featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi assaulted our eyeballs with its depictions of drug addiction it was accompanied by a truly awesome soundtrack that I still enjoy blasting into my earholes today. The best thing about this movie is the fact that the most violent and depraved character out of them all, Begby, wasn’t even a junkie, he just simply enjoyed getting pissed on lager… lager… lager… shouting!



1997 – Event Horizon

This was the hardest choice out of this decade. Titanic was the movie that took all the headlines and as a result, only Men In Black and Jurassic Park 2 were considered to be its competitors. This was a good thing though, because we got treated to an abundance of “smaller” movies that are truly great – Good Will Hunting, The Fifth Element, Boogie Nights, Contact, The Devil’s Advocate, etc.

Originally I chose The Game by David Fincher starring Michale Douglas because it’s a tremendous movie but the twist doesn’t give it much of a rewatch-ability factor. For me though, Event Horizon is one of those movies that actually needed sequels and its universe to be explored more. A spaceship that literally goes to hell and returns, and yet no one in Hollywood wanted to expand on this? Crazy. If ever there was a wasted opportunity to milk this cow, Event Horizon is it. The decision-makers in Hollywood truly baffle me.

Oh, before I move on, I can sense knuckle-whitening from some Outposters because I never mentioned L.A. Confidential. That’s because I don’t care for it. I’ve watched it three times believing I was missing something but each time I just found it boring. Deal with it.

Event Horizon


1998 – Saving Private Ryan

Yeah a safe choice I know but damn, that opening scene is so well shot, so horrific, so heartbreaking, and yet so captivating that this film deserves a spot on my list for that alone.

All those politicians, soy boys, and fucktards that whine on about the myth of white male privilege should be made to sit down and watch this movie. Let them see for themselves how much fucking privilege the men in WW2 had whilst risking their lives and their humanity in order to fight for the freedoms that allow these abhorrent arsholes to go on TV and bitch and disrespect them on a daily fucking basis! Rant over.

Saving Private Ryan


1999 – Fight Club

I’m not allowed to talk about it.

Fight Club


And there you have it Outposters, my Top 10 movies of the 90s. A list that is much darker than yesterday’s 80’s list, which is not only a sign of the times but in all honesty clearly reflects my age during these decades.

When 1980 hit I was just 6 years old so my choices were more innocent and fun-filled. In 1990 I was 16, and the world was big and exciting, drugs, sex, and rock and roll were the dominant forces during this period of my life, as I’m sure they were for most of you. So I’m sure this Top 10 isn’t that much of a surprise.

Let me know your thoughts, your Top 10s and I’m fully expected to receive a lot of shit about L.A. Confidential. I stand by my words.



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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost