Film Club is back by popular demand! Firstly, thank you to all the Outposters who made contact to say you were sad to see it go, we were pleasantly surprised by your feedback. Also, thank you for your suggestions on improving it after Canonballgate. We’ve listened to and discussed it at LMO Towers and would like to introduce Film Club 2.0.


Film Club Tyler


How It’s Different

As Tyler Durden once said: “You decide your own level of involvement.”

The voting worked at first but then it became corrupted, so we have abandoned it for what we believe is not only a better solution but one that Outposters will enjoy more. You see, the choice of movies that make the list is now entirely up to you!

However, to maintain some semblance of order, the contributors will pick from the list the movie to watch, this way it stays 100% legit. It also allows us not to be held to ransom where we end up watching some nasty B-Movie gore-fest, the kind that Shawn T loves. On the flip side, it also spares him from watching Capeshit or a Star War.

It’s not just about us though Outposters because this is where it gets really interesting, we want you to watch the chosen film with us – live! Yeah, we’re moving with the times, getting down with the kids, and have set up our very own Discord channel. More on that below.




WTF Is Discord?

Exactly what I said to Shawn B who set it all up. So I’m going to pass this segment over to him and let him explain.

Discord is like Slack, if you don’t know what Slack is, I can’t help you. I got jokes. Anyway, Discord is community-driven, it’s where we can come together to talk about basically anything we want in real-time. There are places you talk in general, gaming, sports and more importantly, movies, Of course, there’s a NSFW spot and a place for the dankest of memes.


There are voice chats and not only can we voice chat, but we can stream on them, and share videos that we’re watching and this is where Film Club 2.0 comes in. We can all sit together, watch the movie picked for Film Club, and chat to each other just like pals sitting at home having a beer, but without the inconvenience of decorum.


Film Club Guy Thing

When Does Film Club 2.0 Start?

Film Club 2.0 is going to hit the ground running starting this Thursday 12th October at 3pm EST/ 8pm UK. And to really get your juices flowing, we are going to make the most of our 31 Days Of Horror and start with the eternal classic John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Using Discord we can watch The Thing together, and we can chat in real-time, or if you prefer, you can text, but the most important thing is that we all interact. No other movie site out there is opening its doors to its visitors. Sure they host videos and their users can type messages and if they’re lucky, they’ll get a shout-out. But to actually all be able to sit down as pals and chew the fat whilst watching a movie is unique and what makes LMO so f*****g awesome!


The Thing


How To Join

To join in, simply click this link >> Discord channel <<. When you join, you will be asked a simple question to be given the role of “Outposter” which allows you to chat in all available rooms (except the “Welcome” and “Updates”) and speak to one another.

We understand there is a 5-hour time difference from EST to the UK so hopefully, we’ve found the honey-spot and got a time when we can all tune in. If we build up enough interest and we can all make this work, maybe a late-night Friday edition can be worked out?

So once again with the time, this Thursday 12th October at 3pm EST/ 8pm UK


Film Club The Thing


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