It’s back! It’s safe to say the first edition – Robbie Vs. de Armas – was received rather well by Outposters. It turned out that de Armas was the clear favorite. I hope those of you who did vote for de Armas never have Margot Robbie throwing herself at you, as you have to stand by your principles and decline her advances!

To keep up with our 31 Days Of Horror theme, this week’s clash is between two hot Hollywood properties that have starred in numerous horror films of the modern era. There was a debate at LMO Towers about who should feature. Stark suggested a couple of Hammer Horror legends, so maybe we will do that next week if you are keen. Let me know?

Anyway, back to the stars of today, and as an extra treat, I’ve chosen two English ladies. As commoners like me like to say: “There’s nothing quite like a posh bird!”. So gentlemen, let me introduce you to Kate Beckinsale and Imogen Poots! Between them, they have an impressive 10 horror films on their CV (that’s a resume, to my American brethren) and both will suck… the blood right out of you.


The Tale Of The Tape


Tale Of The Tape


The Big Question

Outposters, let’s settle this one and for all. After a long day battling vampires, zombies, or just good old-fashioned lunatics, who would you like to go home to, to clean up your wounds, cook you a meal, run you a hot bath and tuck you in at night? Make your case in the comments below and feel free to add pictures to back up your argument.


Kate Beckinsale Imogen Poots



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