Whether we like it or not, AI is part of our lives and there is no going back for better or worse so we might as well enjoy it.

Stark recently wrote that Disney is about to pilot an AI to get a better understanding of their customers’ personal tastes for advertising purposes. Judging by Disney’s content for the last 10 years, none of us would be surprised if AI has been writing scripts for them too!


Arnie Kirk

Mr Spock, you have the bridge. I’ll be back.


Now, I’m not one of those people who think it’s all doom and gloom. To be honest, I reached the point long ago where I think humans need to be wiped off the face of the earth and let everything start again. So I say, embrace it whilst we can and let it make our lives just that little bit easier and more fun.



Ana de Armas in Baywatch – I would fake drown myself.


Take me for example, I recently stumbled across those Taylor Swift AI-generated images on X last week and had so much fun with them, that X put me in X-Jail twice in the space of two days! Like the now infamous Streisand effect, this made me want to test this out for myself. As a result, I stumbled across GAB.AI and it blew my tiny, corrupt, little mind. This is why I am here telling you about it because what I’m about to ask of you will either make Last Movie Outpost, or break it. Regardless, it’s about to get fun.


AI Imagery

To America and beyond!


Eggy’s Big Idea

I got thinking about up-and-coming movies and wondered if GAB.AI would be able to generate images with actors and actresses before actual official photoshoots were released to us, plebs. The results were astonishing for the most part. So good in fact that there is no way Hollywood is not using this tech to cast actors and actresses in roles.

First up, I wondered what Pedro Pascal would look like as Reed Richards in Fantastic Four. I typed it in and boom, within a minute it gave me this! Now, I added the F4 logo quickly myself because AI left it off but you cannot deny that’s pretty impressive.


AI Image


OK, I thought, beginners luck. Let’s try Henry Cavill as Highlander


AI Imagery


Hmm, 2 for 2. OK, what about Christian Bale as Frankenstein’s monster


AI Imagery


And finally, it was very recently revealed that Sylvester Stallone would like Ryan Gosling to take over as Rambo if they were to ever reboot it.


AI Imagery


What If?

OK, I’m sold. This tech is astonishing! Well, what can I do next, how about famous roles that the luvvies either passed on or were considered that are now part of Hollywood legend?

So off I Googled and found out that Al Pacino was offered the role of Han Solo. Sly was considered for Superman before the role went to Christopher Reeve, Madonna nearly got Catwoman before it went to Michelle Pfeiffer, and of course, Will Smith actually turned down Neo from The Matrix.




AI Imagery


AI Imagery


AI Imagery


Fan Casting

We’ve all thought about that perfect casting that we would give our right nut to see. Henry Cavill as James Bond has to be right up there. Strangely, some people want Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine! And of course Gal Gadot as Cleopatra, and Sydney Sweeney as Barbarella – both of which aren’t so much as fan casting but they are actually happening! I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity!




AI Image


AI Gadot




The Ridiculous

Finally, the depressing side of things. Remakes reimaginings, and race and gender swaps are now a sad reality of beloved franchises. So we might as well have a bit of fun with it. Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Indiana Jones, Lizzo as Princess Leia, Elliot Ellen Page as Rocky, and Jonathan Majors as everyone’s favorite wizard Harry Potter.


AI Imagery


AI Imagery


AI Rocky


AI Majors


Step up Outposters!

OK, so I’m not going to have all the fun here. There are millions of options to play around with and what I would love is to see some of your Fan Casts, Reimaginings, or famous actors in roles they missed out on for one reason or another.

If you want to play, just head on over to GAB.AI, or an AI image generator of your choice, and give me everything you’ve got. GAB is free but I did need to add an email address and a password but that was all it asked for, so don’t fear that you’re being spied on and your data stored in some bunker.

The images take about 2 minutes max to generate so don’t think you’ll be waiting ages. And once you’re done, pop them bad boys in the comments for all to enjoy! And before I bow out for the night, here’s Drunken Yoda, Stark with his typewriter getting set to write articles, and or course, yours truly!

Apologies to Shawn T and Wrenage but the AI had no idea who the characters in your avatar are, so I gave up.


AI Imagery


AI Stark


AI Alex


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