Netflix has released the first trailer for their Sylvester Stallone documentary, Sly. Call me cynical, but it’s great timing by them after the news broke yesterday that Burt Young aka Paulie passed away. Anyway, the official synopsis:

For nearly 50 years, Stallone has entertained millions with iconic characters and franchises ranging from Rocky to Rambo and beyond. This retrospective offers an intimate look at the man from his inspirational underdog story with the indelible characters he has brought to life.

Recently, Stallone called himself “The Last Of The Dinosaurs” when reflecting on his legendary career and it’s evident in this trailer that after everything he has achieved, it’s family that is all that matters. I’m a father of four and I have to agree… but all those millions in the bank sure make me wonder sometimes.

The documentary will feature Sly’s hot wife and his hot daughters, as well as interviews with Arnie and Tarantino. It looks chock full of never-before-seen clips and photos of Stallone through the years both in front and behind the camera.


Sylvester Stallone Family

Look at his feet, he’s literally standing on the doorstep to make himself taller!


Sly is just the latest in celebrity documentaries following one about Wham! which was 80-tastic! There’s a great one about Conor McGregor, and also one about Jake Paul, but I’ve not seen that because he’s a prick and I have no interest in him.

The recent three-parter called Arnold, which unsurprisingly focused on Arnold Schwarzenegger, is must-see TV. I’ve just finished the David Beckham four-part series called Beckham (the clue is in the name) and it is spectacular. I recommend the latter for my American and Canadian chums if you want to get a real insight into Britain in the 1990s and fully grasp the importance football plays in our society.

I digress, back to Sly. I’m hoping this is just as engaging as the aforementioned ones because Stallone is a fascinating human being. The man is literally a genius and the characters, movies, and franchises he has gifted us over the past 50 years are second to none. Sly is released on 3rd November and I cannot wait!



Film Club Shaun


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